Why Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli?

The added value of the Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli is of being the oldest school of pizza in the world, known all over the place. Moreover we guarantee our teachers’ skills thanks to the  Certified Training Program, complying with ISO 9001 requirements. Furthermore, the school is made known around the world through the magazine Pizza and Pasta Italiana, market leader since 25 years.

How much does the basic course last?

The course lasts 40 h and, depending by the location, it can be carried out in an intensive way (8 h per 5 days) or in two weeks (4 h per day weekend excluded).

How much does the basic course cost?

The course cost 900 € + VAT. In some southern regions, thanks to fiscal law, it could cost 750 € +Vat.

How can I subscribe?

You have several options:

You can call the headquarter and communicate in which local branch you would take the course, give your personal details and contacts. Make a money transfer of 100 euro as deposit to the school for booking your place,


Fulfil the form that you find on this website on the section “courses” or “info and registration” on the right side of the string top of this page,


Call the Master Istruttore of the chosen area and tell him in which local branch you would take the course, give your personal details and contacts. Make a money transfer with 100 euro for a deposit for booking your place.

Where and when the closest course will start?

Consulting the website you can find all the possible combinations by cross searching date and region. Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli has locations throughout Italy and abroad.

Which value does the certificate have?

Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli issues a certificate of participation or a certificate of merit (whether the student pass the final test) and two official decals of the school to be applied in the work place.

Do I have an internship period with the course?

The course ends with the delivery of the Certificate. The possible availability of the instructor to make you have an internship depends by the region where it operates and by regulations and laws of the region at that time.

 Will I find a work after the course?

Our task is to teach the job professionally and with love. We are focusing on doing this at our best.

At the same time, we can’t guarantee a job. What we use to do is to take note of all requests of Pizzaioli we receive and cross-checking them with people that are looking for an employment.

40 hours is enough time for learning how to make pizza?

The 40-hours course is designed and prepared to give the opportunity to those who do not know the job a fast and complete way to learn the fundamentals of the profession. This course will allow both to practice immediately in a pizzeria and to start working independently.

 I never had to do with the restaurant world, is this course for beginners?

Yes, sure! We are prepared to provide all the tools to begin also to those who do not have ever done it before; the only special ingredient that we can not provide is passion!

I am already a Piazzaiolo but I do not have the Certificate, is this course also for me?

Yes sure! Our courses are structured in order to systematize knowledge also of people having experience on the field. To be taken in greater consideration are Specialization Courses and Advanced Courses.

 Is there any age limit to take courses?

There is a minimum which is to be of 14 years old at least. There is not a maximum limit.

Is there any exam to get the Certificate?

At the end of the course there is an internal theoretical and practical exam to evaluate the learning level of what was done during the course. The certificate with merit is given to those who have passed successfully the course and the final exam. If you are unable to pass it, we give you the opportunity to redo the course for free in a location of your choice, upon notice to the headquarters offices.

If there are things I do not understand or if I need more practice after the course, do I have to pay again?

No. If the student or the teacher see an additional need of practice, you can carry it out in one of our locations during the next course.

Do I have to find lodging and board?

Yes. Board and lodging are at student expenses.

Is the lunch at my expenses as well?

During the course you eat what you cook, then pizza since the first day!