Each teacher of Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli is Master Istruttore with a Certified Training Program.

How did they become teachers of the school?

The Master Istruttori of Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli are professional teachers, selected through a long and highly qualified training process, consisting of several stages.

The first selection

The first selection of coming teachers is based on the curriculum vitae and on an interview.


Applicants who pass the first survey phase, will begin the training, which consists of several steps:

  • learning of the teaching method
  • participation in specialized courses for professionals of pizza
  • Certified Training Course

The Certified Training Course

The Certified Training Program aims to complete the training of our aspiring Master Istruttori with speeches by excellent professionals from outside the school who, at the end of each day of training, verify the level of the participants through severe tests.

Certification Authority and Technical Committee

The reliability and the consistency of the course is verified by a Certification Authority ISO 9001. Only those who, at the end of this course, will have passed all the tests and the final assessment given by a Technical Committee, will be proudly holder of a title as Master Istruttore with Certified Training Course .