Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli makes part of a group which has a strengthened experience in the field of pizza; which results in a high level of competence

  • in teaching
  • in the production in large laboratories
  • in the design of new restaurant concepts
  • in managing franchise chains, both in Italy and abroad.

The key people of our organization provide the customer with their skills in order to achieve the goal in a short time and avoiding usual mistakes and unexpected costs caused by inexperience. The advice may relate coaching for the realization of a project, rather than the definition of a specific dough, or final product, required by the customer.

Projects Abroad

You can see below some examples of advice for activities abroad:

  • January 2018 Calibration mixture – Japan
  • January  2018 Training – Montenegro
  • September 2017 Consultancy for a Pizzeria – Germany
  • September 2017 Training in Lisbon – Portugal
  • December 2016 Consultancy for Pizzeria in Germany
  • September 2016 Training for Pizza chain franchisee in Austria –
  • January 2016: Training for a pizzeria – Punjab
  • January 2016: Training and consultancy for a pizzeria – Budapest
  • January 2016: Training in Lisbon – Portugal
  • December 2015: Training in Shenzhen – China
  • November 2015: Pizzeria 00 – Lisbon – Portugal
  • April 2015:  Consultancy in Arborea mozzarella factory
  • September 2013: Pizzayo – pizza chain franchise Indonesia
  • March 2012: Ribalta – pizza chain in the US
  • August 2011: Gung Ho Pizza – calibration mixture in China

Advice for a project

Herein there are some examples of project advice related to the world of pizza and catering:

  • design of a pizzeria
  • centralized production organization, for both fresh or frozen products
  • Pizzeria operation management
  • Human Resources management in a Pizzeria
  • Business administration and cost control

Technical and product mix advice

Examples of technical and product advice:

  • definition of a specific product and dough (classic pizza, pizza napoletana)
  • check and calibration of a specific dough
  • definition of specific exclusive recipes
  • equipment research, raw materials.


Consultancy Activities

Antonio Puggina is in charge for all business consulting activities, for face-to-face contact with customers and for coordinating technical resources dedicated to the various project.

Head of Technical Area

Graziano Bertuzzo is in charge for the production of fresh and frozen product of our company. He is the technical reference point for the Instructors of Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli. At the same time he is owner of a pizzeria and award-winning champion of the most prestigious pizza world competitions

Master Istruttori with Certifeid Training Program

Our Master Instructors have passed specific courses dedicated to them. These courses aim to complete their training and verify, through an external body, their effective preparation. All our Master Istruttori CTP own pizzeria, therefore are extremely competent professionals and aware of the problems of daily work in pizzeria.

Contact us for any clarification:

To ask for clarification, for a discussion on your needs and projects and for a quote you can contact the company by calling 0421.83.148 or writing

Our commitment can be for a single day of work or for the time you think you need to achieve your goals.