The first week of December, in Caorle (Ve), 10 Professionals Pizzaioli took apart at the very exclusive course “Alta Formazione” held by Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli.

The first day was with our Master Graziano Bertuzzo, probably one of the best Pizzaiolo in Italy.


The second day with Mirko Passuello, Food Technician.


 The third day with the Bakery Chef Ezio Marinato


The fourth day with Biologist and Nutriotionist, dott.ssa Marisa Cammarano and with Chef Rudy Speranzoni.


The last day with an expert in Marketing and Adv on the Food Service business, dott. Giuseppe Vignato.

If interested to know something about the next course, please call at +39 0421 83148.